Help Prospective Mothers in Papua New Guinea

The Mommyhood Memos Bloggers for Birth KitsSometimes it’s amazing how much you can help, through something so little…

In rural Papua New Guinea one in seven women die in childbirth! Yep, that’s right, 1 in 7 women die in childbirth! That’s a shocking statistic to say the least. To give birth to a child a mother has a 15% chance of dying, can you imagine?

A friend of mine, Adriel Booker, in Australia works with YWAM Ships, a ministry that is currently working on delivering medical help into Papua New Guinea. She is a Mom, blogger and fellow YWAMer who has a strong passion for helping other mothers in need. To help expectant mothers in Papua New Guinea she has started a program called Bloggers for Birth Kits to help reduce maternal mortality in rural Papua New Guinea.

The way to help is so simple that anyone can do it…

For as little as a $2.00 donation you can purchase a Birth Kit. The Birth Kit is very simple, but according to the Birthing Kit Foundation can greatly help to reduce the incidence of infant and maternal mortality and morbidity. The kit includes:

  • 1 plastic sheet to provide a clean birthing surface
  • 1 bar of soap for clean hands during the birthing process and to clean the umbilical stump
  • 1 pair of plastic gloves for clean hands
  • 1 sterile scalpel blade to cut the umbilical cord
  • 3 cords / pieces of strong string to tie the umbilical chord
  • 5 gauze squares to clean the baby and mother

The kit is simple, yet effective. Adriel made up her own (which you can watch on the video at the bottom of this post), but I think the most effective way for us to help is to donate.

If you do want to help with this great project, and for only $2.00 who wouldn’t want to help, you can read more about it at Bloggers for Birth Kits.

This post was originally posted on my personal blog at Help Prospective Mothers in Papua New Guinea – Bill Hutchison

Free Monthly Newsletter about Support Raising

A few months ago I signed up for a free monthly e-mail newsletter about Support Raising. The newsletter is put out by Support Raising Solutions, a division of The Body Builders.

Before I suggested it to the readers of this site I thought that I would sus it out and see what kind of information they send out. So far I have been impressed by the quality of information provided for free in their newsletters.

The last few newsletters that have come out have covered topics like:

  • What do you do after a first gift?
  • Don’t Beat Around the Bush
  • The Folly of “Hint-Hint” Support Raising
  • Deepening the Connections: Ways to Draw your Partners into Ministry

A great thing too is that all these editions, plus all previous ones, are still available to read for free over in the newsletter archives on their web-site.

Like I said, it’s a free newsletter for you to sign up for. There is some advertising in it, but there is some great content as well.

You can sign up for the free support raising newsletter here.

Donors Like to Financially Support Projects

People like Projects

Recently my wife and I needed to raise a small amount of money for a small project we wanted to do as a family. An opportunity was presented that would allow us to do it for about 1/3 the normal cost, but we needed to do it by the end of the month, and it was already the 29th.

We both put a quick update on Facebook and Twitter and literally within 15-minutes the project was fully funded through donations! It was amazing …

It reminded me that people like to give to projects. It is easier for people to give to something that is tangible and that they can easily see and relate to. Projects are great for that.

Meeting our monthly support needs can often be a bigger challenge than raising money for an airfare or outreach fees. That can make meeting our day to day needs more of a challenge, but having that understanding can help you to better communicate your monthly support needs.

Break Your Monthly Budget Up Into Projects

As you look at your monthly support see if you can break it up into smaller projects. Would a supporter be more willing to give to a raise another $560 per month, or would they rather donate $70 a month to pay for your life insurance?

The $560 a month seems like a rather vague number that doesn’t help the potential donor to know where the money is going. The $70 a month on the other hand for life insurance is something that is both tangible and achievable. You are more likely to find someone to give the $70 a month to pay for life insurance than you are to find someone to give $70 a month towards a general budget amount.

As you look at putting together your next round of communications for raising money consider how you are going to present your needs. Perhaps a rethink of your standard monthly budget is needed to finally help your monthly support match your monthly needs.

Two Stories of Financial Support Provision

Where I work with Youth With A Mission every staff member is a full-time volunteer. We are all responsible for raising our own financial support so that we are able to do what we do.

The following clip tells a few stories of provision for peoples support that they have needed to cover travel / outreach costs relating to the ministry that they are working with.

As you watch you will see two things highlighted to you that led to financial provision for their needed support:

  1. Generosity
  2. Faithfulness

Generosity – Through their generosity it encouraged others to be generous, which then led to the persons full financial support needs to be met.

Faithfulness – Although the person states that they were given money “out of the blue” the need for finances would not have been known unless there was consistent communication about what finances and support was needed.

Anyway, here it is so that you can see it yourself:

Free E-Mail Marketing and Design Guide

Most of us who need to raise support use e-mail for a lot of our communications. I have used a few different products to try to handle sending bulk HTML e-mails to financial and prayer supporters but I have not really found one that I am fully happy with. At the moment I am trying Microsoft Outlook with Business Contact Manager, which seems to be pretty good so far, but it does not offer a way to track if people are reading the e-mails, or clicking on the links.

MailChimp, which is an on-line e-mail list management service from what I can tell, is offering a free e-book about managing online e-mail campaigns and designing and coding HTML e-mails. I am about to download it to have a look, but thought I would link to the free book for others to check out if you want to:

Read Friend Raising: Building a Missionary Support Team that Lasts for Free

I am working on a new support brochure and started to do some research into what resources are available for YWAMers wanting to raise support. I came across a few good web-sites, but I also found the book “Friend Raising: Building a Missionary Support Team That Lasts – by Betty Barnett” on Google Book Search.

You can read the entire book for free on-line at Google Book Search. I read the book years ago, and we have a copy in the YWAM library that we have at Reef to Outback, but there are some really good gems in there about support raising for YWAM volunteers.

You can read Friend Raising for free on-line at Google Books.