Donors Like to Financially Support Projects

People like Projects

Recently my wife and I needed to raise a small amount of money for a small project we wanted to do as a family. An opportunity was presented that would allow us to do it for about 1/3 the normal cost, but we needed to do it by the end of the month, and it was already the 29th.

We both put a quick update on Facebook and Twitter and literally within 15-minutes the project was fully funded through donations! It was amazing …

It reminded me that people like to give to projects. It is easier for people to give to something that is tangible and that they can easily see and relate to. Projects are great for that.

Meeting our monthly support needs can often be a bigger challenge than raising money for an airfare or outreach fees. That can make meeting our day to day needs more of a challenge, but having that understanding can help you to better communicate your monthly support needs.

Break Your Monthly Budget Up Into Projects

As you look at your monthly support see if you can break it up into smaller projects. Would a supporter be more willing to give to a raise another $560 per month, or would they rather donate $70 a month to pay for your life insurance?

The $560 a month seems like a rather vague number that doesn’t help the potential donor to know where the money is going. The $70 a month on the other hand for life insurance is something that is both tangible and achievable. You are more likely to find someone to give the $70 a month to pay for life insurance than you are to find someone to give $70 a month towards a general budget amount.

As you look at putting together your next round of communications for raising money consider how you are going to present your needs. Perhaps a rethink of your standard monthly budget is needed to finally help your monthly support match your monthly needs.

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