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A few months ago I signed up for a free monthly e-mail newsletter about Support Raising. The newsletter is put out by Support Raising Solutions, a division of The Body Builders.

Before I suggested it to the readers of this site I thought that I would sus it out and see what kind of information they send out. So far I have been impressed by the quality of information provided for free in their newsletters.

The last few newsletters that have come out have covered topics like:

  • What do you do after a first gift?
  • Don’t Beat Around the Bush
  • The Folly of “Hint-Hint” Support Raising
  • Deepening the Connections: Ways to Draw your Partners into Ministry

A great thing too is that all these editions, plus all previous ones, are still available to read for free over in the newsletter archives on their web-site.

Like I said, it’s a free newsletter for you to sign up for. There is some advertising in it, but there is some great content as well.

You can sign up for the free support raising newsletter here.

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